Saturday, December 31, 2011


Wishing you all a very good and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

New girl SELINA.....

I've had a busy week and many bears will be leaving very soon for their new homes:o)) New girl Selina is still hoping someone will take her home for Christmas which is coming up real quick and like every year I'm not ready for it! Usually it all gets done at the last minute and the family is arriving on Christmas day. This year we have decided to have the big meal the day after and I get to put my feet up and not do a thing as Simon (son) is going to be doing all the cooking with help from the others - my poor kitchen will look like a bomb has hit it!!
Anyway, hope you all have a good weekend:o))

Friday, November 25, 2011

New girl EMMA.....


That nasty virus is all gone now and I am so much better and back to normal - so much so I have just finished another oldie called Emma:o)) We had the posing session this morning and the lighting was not too good due to it being a miserable day outside. It has been raining more or less non stop since Wednesday! I actually bought a doggie raincoat with hood for Amy (Mini Dachs) because she so hates the rain and will not go outside until she reaches bursting point and even then she has to think about it LOL!
Anyway, hope you will all have a good weekend.......

Friday, November 18, 2011

JASPER bear.....


It's been awhile since I've got to finished a bear but that's all down to having caught a really nasty virus which left me no good to anyone or anything LOL! It took a long time for me to kick it into touch but now I am feeling so much better and I finished off this little guy Jasper:o)) I also joined in another TT swap and made a Christmas teddy bauble but I can't show that yet as my swap partner hasn't received it yet.
Wishing you all a good weekend!

Monday, October 31, 2011

VANILLA doll.........

I really did take a huge leap out of my comfort zone this time and I know this is a long time in coming BUT at long last I finished Vanilla girl, hooray!! A case of work in progress for about the last 4 months! I'm pretty pleased with myself for my first attempt:o)) I did everything on this doll from putting her together, painting and all of the outfit. Was not such an easy job taking the pictures of this one, aarrgghhh!! She had a mind of her own when it came to posing! A sloooowwwww process! - for me anyway - but I got there in the end!! I did actually enjoy doing her and IF there is a next time I would like to improve on the painting and also a few things on the outfit too.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

WITCHY the raggy......

 Now for something completely different!! This is Witchy the raggy and would you believe she took me 2 years to finish!! I love the raggies but I don't get too excited when it comes to making them:o)) I must admit I find it very hard sometimes to come out of my comfort zone and do something different - bears rule that's for sure LOL!
Anyway, wishing you all a good weekend.......

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New guy VICTOR and Orchids.....


 New bear on the block who goes by the name of VICTOR and being a pretty bossy bear he reckons he is a handsome fella and looking very smart, hmmmm!! 
Yesterday I took myself off to the local Orchid Nursery as I felt in need of some Orchids as I do love these plants - the colours and the flowers are really something! I have quite a few native ones which grow wild nearby in the Manning Valley - a small flower but a beautiful smell to them. I must have spent a couple of hours at the nursery because I'm like a kid let loose in the candy store:o)) Enjoy the pics I've put up of my Orchids...... 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BILLY boy is here..............


Billy has been patiently waiting in the wings for his turn to show off but then he went all shy on me and only now have I coaxed him out for everyone to see:o))
His mate Molly is now on her way to the UK so he is feeling a little lonely though he does have Jack and Amelia to keep him company at the moment.
Anyway, here's hoping you all have a good day:o))

Friday, September 23, 2011

New girl MOLLY.......


Well the end of another week and I've been fairly busy messing around with the bears and today I have Molly to show off - certainly getting the hang of getting the girls to come out:o)) There is another bear waiting in the wings but he is a little shy and doesn't want to show himself just yet. Geez! and I thought my dogs were fussy LOL!
It is very smokey around us at the moment - not sure if they are having a burn off in the forest which is at the end of my road or whether someone is doing it on their property. I know someone is having a pile burn tomorrow because a person from the fire brigade stopped by to let us know.
Anyway, here's hoping you all have a good weekend:o))

Friday, September 16, 2011

JACK the lad......


Yet another week has whizzed pass but I finished another newbie/oldie which I had fun doing - just love doing these old timers:o)) I've got some really nice dyed pieces of mohair made up which I think are going to look really good when turned into a bear.
It's a really nice warm sunny day outside so I may just grab a book sit outside and watch the world go by - that is if the parrots can keep the noise down - geez! it is worse than a mother's meeting when that lot get together LOL!
Anyway, hope everyone has a good weekend.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hand Dyed Mohair......


It's Sunday afternoon and once again the weekend is nearly over - where has it gone?! Yesterday I had great fun and played with the dye pots and came up with some really nice colours:o)) There was one colour I did which I don't think is really suitable for my oldies even though it is a really nice Jade Green colour - so I'm going to offer it for sale for someone else to make a nice bear from.
Friday was a big day as Samantha (daughter) had her 4 wisdom teeth taken out - it was a bit of a stuff up as she only wanted to have 2 of them taken out and that's what she booked for. To say she was not amused is an understatement because it was very expensive - her hubby queried it and of course they came up with all sorts of excuses!
I found a Bush tick on Millie the other day (first one in 6 years, not bad going) so it was operation 'Tick' - I have a special tick hook remover so I let himself in on the action - he removed it and lost it! Knew I should have done the job myself:o)) We spent ages looking for it - never found it until the next day back on Millie's neck again! Did the job properly this time and it is now one very dead tick! After finding the tick first time I promptly put on the drops (Advantix) which I always use for the tick season which is usually Sept. through to about April. This time though I bought the Advantix DIY kit as it works out cheaper for the 2 of them. 
Anyway, suppose I had better get back to bear business and hope everyone has a good week:o))

Saturday, August 20, 2011

NELSON - the boys are back.........


It's been a busy day so far posing and photographing the new guy Nelson. Reckon he looks pretty smart and ready to face the world and find himself a new home. I'm now going to bake some really yummy chocolate muffins - this would make quite a few people I know burst out laughing because cooking and I do not go together:o))

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hand Dyed Mohair......


Well here we are into another weekend and for us it is cold, wet and windy yucky! A quiet weekend this time compared to the last one when Simon & Teresa (son and his partner) came for a visit and when my son is around things are pretty crazy but it's all good fun:o)) Shouldn't grumble because it makes for good bear making:o)) Talking of which I have just finished another old timer but I can't show him off just yet as we still have to have our photo session which I am hoping will be tomorrow. 
For the first time I thought I would offer a couple of pieces of hand dyed mohair for sale to see what reaction I get or interest. I think there are plenty of people out there who like the hand dyed mohair but are not interested in doing their own.
Anyway, wishing you all a good weekend whatever you are up to:o))


Friday, July 29, 2011

AMELIA the new girl comes to town......


Well another week has just whizzed past again and it is Saturday afternoon already! It has been a busy week finishing Amelia off and doing some very boring chores, yuck! I am going to creep out of my comfort zone for a short time and make up a doll - shock, horror! Because I am not really a doll person - there are a few that I like and I do have a very small collection. The one that I am going to make up is a very good subsitute for the BJD Super Dollfie and at the moment I am busy gathering all the bits and pieces I will need to make her and her outfit. I've always like these dolls but I don't like the prices and so have never bought one. I am going to be artistic later today and put together a Bonsai tree and hope like hell it will survive! I have 2 that I bought - one is a Port Jackson Fig and the other is a Conifer and so far so good and both are doing really well. When it comes to plants or anything to do with gardening I do not have green fingers more like as hubby likes to say the kiss of death! LOL!
Anyway, wishing you all a very good weekend:o))

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MINNIE girly bear........


What a week it has been so far but I did manage to finish another old timer and it's a girl!! How about that! I think I must be starting to do something right at long last:o))  It is certainly bear making weather at the moment - cold and windy and not nice to be outside even the dogs only go out if they really have to as they are not too keen on having the wind whistling around their under carriage LOL!
I think I've found some muscles I didn't know I had! Once a year we have a bulk waste collection where you can put out all your old unwanted stuff like washing machines, fridges, TV's etc so that's what I have been doing this morning - gathering all the stuff for hubby to take down to the front of the property phewie! It feels good to have a good clear out that's for sure!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Old timer HORACE bear.....


Well the boys have it as I have just finished creating Horace - I managed to hunt down some Steampunk charms which I thought would look good as old vintage style pieces to add as accessories. Well all the rain has gone now and there has been a lot of cleaning up going on in town and most of the pot holes have been filled though I came across a few which I had to dodge this morning! Sunny blue skies today but cold and windy brrrrrr!! My poor fingers are having trouble trying to hit the right keys as they are getting colder and colder. Believe it or not we do get snow here in Australia but it is further inland and in some of the mountain areas - even have places where people can go skiing!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BENJAMIN bear......


I tried and tried but it didn't go to plan and the boys are back! This old timer was finished over the long weekend - couldn't do much else as we have been getting heavy rains since last week which has caused a lot of flooding in my area and many places are cut off and other places are being evacuated. The river rose higher than exspected and so parts of the town have flooded as well as properties which are along the river banks. Luckily we are fine and just have instant large duck ponds around the property. I went into town yesterday and had to play dodge the pot holes and let me tell you there were plenty of them! Anyway, more rain today but it is suppose to be getting better tomorrow, hope so! The laundry is backing up and the dogs are fed up keeping there legs crossed until they are so desperate they have to brave the rain - maybe I should invest in some doggie rain coats LOL!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Let's play 20 questions..........

This one is for you Jennifer but if anyone else wants to join in then just copy the questions and have a bit of fun:o))

1. Is there anybody you just wish would fall off the planet?  YES!

2. Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?  YES always

3. Name one thing you worry about running out of.  TIME

4. What is your favorite pizza topping?  CHEESE

5. What are your super powers? I WISH!! WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE SOME AT TIMES!

6. Peppermint or spearmint? PEPPERMINT

7. What's your most annoying habit? CAN'T THINK OF ONE BUT I BET I HAVE ONE OR TWO!

8. Where did you last go on vacation? SYDNEY

9. What is your best physical feature?  PASS!

10. What 3 things can always be found in your refrigerator?  EGGS, SOY MILK, CHEESE
11. What superstition do you believe/practice? PASS

12. What color are your bed sheets? LILAC/PINK

13. Would you rather be a fish or a bird? BIRD

14. What are your favorite sayings? PASS

15. What CD is in your stereo? THERE ISN'T ONE

16. If you could kiss anyone who would it be? HUBBY

17. Coffee or Tea - COFFEE

18. Favorite musician(s)/bands you've seen in concert? ROD STEWART

19. Do you talk to yourself? SOMETIMES BUT MAINLY TO THE DOGS LOL!!

20. What are two of your favorite ice cream flavors? CAN'T EAT THE STUFF:o((

Have a good weekend everyone!

Friday, May 27, 2011

JANIE the new girl......


I must be on a roll here because I have managed to come up with another girlie bear:o)) Don't ask me how this happened as I couldn't tell you - haven't got a clue! She's turned out to be a pretty smart old timer though you wouldn't think so if you saw the trouble I had trying to get her pictures done:o))  I'm on a mission today to hunt down vintatge style bits and pieces to add as accessories for my oldies - very time consuming but totally enjoyable:o))
Ok, I'm outta here and hope you all have a good weekend!

Monday, May 23, 2011

New bear on the block.......


Hope you all had a good weekend:o)) I finished another new bear over the weekend who is a little bit different in design but still enjoyed making him. Notice I said 'him' yep it's another boy bear - did try for a girl but it just wasn't going to happen, so what's new! LOL!
Today hubby has decided to act the part of Lumberjack and take down a very tall Palm that is growing too close to the house - this is at the back of the house as we also have a very tall one growing at the front of the house as well. Now, the best part is he wants me to hang on to the rope! Why me?! What have I done to deserve this and as you can imagine I am not having a very good feeling about this ho-hummm! I just hope he knows what he is doing LOL!

Monday, May 16, 2011

TINKER the swap bear......

Well I hope you all had a good weekend and they certainly fly pass don't they! I spent most of mine dying pieces of mohair and grooming and clipping one of the dogs so now she is looking a very smart girlie - though I got no thanks for it just a look of 'did you really have to do that because I didn't enjoy it one bit'! With Winter just about upon us it is already getting colder and time to drag the Winter woolies out of retirement. When the dogs start snuggling up and are not too keen to go on their adventures around the garden and Amy gets inside the pillow cover instead of on top and rolls on her back to have her doggie coat on then you know it is cold LOL!
Well I can now reveal the swap bear I sent to my swap partner in the UK and after keeping everything crossed I can let a huge sigh of relief as he arrived there safely and she is very happy and pleased with him - I now await the arrival of her bear to me!
Hope you all have a good week - I'm off to the beach today for a good walk with the dogs:o))

Saturday, May 7, 2011



Is it a boy?! Is it a girl?! Hooray! it is a girlie bear:o)) Why am I shouting well it doesn't happen very often if at all that I can come up with a girlie bear - I always seem to produce boy bears without even trying, big sighs! I wasn't too sure about the head but friends assure me it is a nice head and its fine, ummmm! Well, all I can say is that the head must be nice as I have just sold her so happy smiles:o))
The mystery of the old guy in my previous post is still on going though it has been established that he is English and someone was more than sure that he is a Alpha Farnell dating from the late 40's/50's which I would go along with as I found a picture of a bear that looks so much like him but then someone else has come along and he reckons that is not right and that he is a Chiltern dating from the 30's - how confusing! Back to more researching though I tend to be in favour of the Alpha Farnell.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Old Bear......

bear_original A few weeks back I bought this old bear who has a certain charm I just could not resist! Yes he does need a lot of TLC and I plan on doing this though not too much as I wouldn't like him to loose his charm. He is about 38cm tall in mohair and mainly stuffed with wood wool and a small amount of Kapok - has a non working growler - cotter pin joints. Poor thing is missing an eye  bear_sad  I am struggling a little here in identifying him as I can't even make up my mind if he is German or English  bear_rolleyes If anyone can be of help it would be very much appreciated  bear_original

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Fairy Ring.......

Hope you are all having a good week - I have been busy making another bear as I am taking part in a bear swap which has been organized by another beary person on Teddy-Talk. We each get our own swap partner and mine is a very nice lady in the UK - she doesn't know what I am going to make for her and I don't get to know what she is going to make for me but it is a real fun thing to do - took part in one a couple of years back and I received the most gorgrous mohair dog which she modeled on my dog Millie (Norwich Terrier) - that was really some surprise! She called her Muffin and I've added a picture of her so you can all see what she looks like.
Now, the other picture is of a Fairy Ring which we found at the bottom of our garden - first time I have seen one of these but hubby reckons he has seen them before. 
It seems they also go by other names such as  fairy circle, elf circle, elf ring and pixie ring, and is a naturally occurring ring or arc of mushrooms. 


Friday, April 1, 2011

Mama bear and baby bears.......

I'm just taking a break from dying more pieces of mohair to post this link on YouTube of a mother bear and her 3 cubs - this has such a high cute factor as well as being funny - had me smiling and aarrhhhing all the way through:o))

The weekend has started for me but not for others so on that note I would like to wish you all a good weekend:o))

Monday, March 28, 2011

Blue boy HARRY.......


How you all doing and yep the start of another week - I must have missed something as that weekend sure flashed pass! Maybe I was just very busy finishing little boy blue and didn't notice:o)) 
Though the weather really didn't want to go in my favour I did manage to dye more pieces of mohair and achieve some of those old fashion colours.
The girls have been chasing one of our resident lizard's - poor thing,  though they will not harm him or her. I'll say one thing he/she is very brave he will turn on the dogs open his mouth and then chase them - very funny to watch! 
Anyway, here's wishing you all a very good week:o))

Saturday, March 19, 2011

REUBEN the bear......


Hope you are all having a good weekend. Nearly over for me as it is now Sunday afternoon and I've still got lots to do like cutting out another bear and maybe an ellie - I do so like ellies but as yet haven't created one that I really like ummmm! 'Must try harder' an echo from the past as this use to appear on just about all my school reports LOL! 
Well, today is showtime for another oldie who goes by the name of Reuben and yes it is another boy! Maybe I am not meant to do girlie bears......must try harder!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

MILLY is a girl!!........

At long last I have managed to come up with a girl bear and decided to name her after one of my dogs. She got the seal of approval from dog Millie after having to suffer a good checking out - well, what is a girl suppose to do when her name is given to a bear!
We've had another visitor to the garden and close to the house - again we had to investigate after the 'we've found something barks' went off. It was another snake hanging out in one of the trees - about 1 metre long and a beautiful green colour - quick scramble through the book to find that it is a Green Tree snake and harmless. Put the dogs inside the house to give it a chance to get away and himself took lots of photo's of it. So if you are one of those people who freaks out over snakes then look away now! 

Monday, February 28, 2011

ARCHIE comes to town.......

How you all doing and thank you for the many kind comments which were left on my previous post:o)) Despite being so hot here at the moment which makes sewing a little unpleasant I did manage to finish Archie who had me guessing right up to the end whether he was going to behave and look good or not! I always seem to come up with more boys than I do girls and it is no good me telling myself this one is going to be a girl because it just never works that way for me. My face is all back to normal now after that terrible reaction I had to a face cream and I certainly will not be buying that product again! One good thing came out of it and that was that they refunded all my money.

Friday, February 11, 2011

THEO - could he be your Valentine.......


We may have just been through a heat wave but I did manage to finish another oldie who goes by the name of Theo and joins my 'Oldies but Goodies Collection'. I think it is offical now that I am totally and utterly addicted to this old style look and I think it is all due to the fact I can be more creative which is so much more fun!
Those of you who read my previous posting and that terrible reaction I got to a certain face cream - well, my face is all back to normal now thank goodness! I got in touch with the people who I bought it from and they are going to refund all my money and I don't have to send the products back - so guess where they've gone?!
If anyone doesn't like Bats then look away now! This is a Grey-headed Flying-Fox and is Australia's largest bat with a wing span of  1m - this one is only a baby and seems to have lost his way and is hanging out in one of our trees close to the house - has a lot to say for himself if you get too close LOL!
Wish you all a good weekend and a Happy Valentine's day:o))

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OTTO - now you see him - now you don't!.......


Well I finished another oldie guy but before I could show him off he was snapped up by one of my collectors but I thought I would show him off anyway:o)) It's funny you know when making these oldies I am always thinking I am not going to really like this one BUT when the final touches are finished I am so pleased with the end result and always a little sorry to see them leave home.
I am a complete wreck at the moment as my face and neck have had a violent reaction to a new face cream that I have recently started using - my poor face looks like it has been burnt with sore dry red patches - rash and swelling especially around the eyes. I may just send some photo's to this skincare company and let them see what their products have done to my skin - do not suppose anything will come of it but it may just make me feel better.

Monday, January 10, 2011

PERCY and LOTTIE.......


I am now back from our visit to Sydney which was enjoyed by all. Though I really wanted my beauty sleep I managed to stay awake and went out with the others to bring in the New Year and see the fireworks on the harbour bridge - an amazing sight and really glad I saw them.
Anyway, like all good things it has come to an end and I am now busy catching up on a lot of things including the finishing of a bear and a photo session this morning. So, I would like you to meet Percy the much loved oldie and Lottie the pretty colourful girl. Both are looking for good homes and will be on my website and BearPile very soon.