Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another new girl.......

All I can say is that I must be doing something right as here is new girl Odette. Wasn't sure about that antiqued gold to start with but I am really liking it now!
Wishing you all a good and enjoyable weekend.......

Friday, August 24, 2012

It's a girl..........

It doesn't happen very often as the boys tend to rule the roost BUT the new kid on the block is a very pretty girl called Colette:o)) Not really pretty, pretty as I think she is a bit of a tom boy - well who wouldn't be surrounded all the time with the boys:o))
Geez! Did we have a wind storm the other night - quite scary as it sounded like a steam train going through! Kept holding my breath as I waited for some tree to come crashing down! Had a good look around the next morning and no damage - just lots of leaves and branches and other bits and pieces every where.
Going to be busy again working on a new order for a teddy bear store in Paris, France - ohh la la!! My poor little fingers are going to be working overtime but at least it keeps them out of trouble!
Until the next time wishing you all a good and enjoyable weekend......

Friday, August 10, 2012

Old Timer Didier.......

Earlier this week old timer Didier put in his appearance and was received well with many kind comments which is much appreciated and inspiring:o))
Winter is not being very kind to us at the moment with howling winds and rain and oh so cold too brrrrrr!!
I have myself a new purple/pink bike which I am learning to ride (never could get the hang of riding a bike!) as I wobble my way around the drive way and come very close to going head first into the bushes! My poor bum is suffering big time as it is so sore!! At one point I had to strap a nice big fat soft cushion onto the seat! But now I have a new big soft cushy seat and you can almost hear my bum sighing with relief LOL! Not good enough yet to be let loose on the road - oh well it is all good fun and I'm sure I've given quite a few people a good laugh including hubby and the big kids:o))
Anyway, wishing you all a good weekend........ 

Looking a real nerd because I didn't have my face (touch of make-up) on and those safety helmets are not at all flattering LOL!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Simpkin Bear......

I've been very busy with store orders but did manage to squeeze in another oldie who goes by the name of Simpkin but was happily snapped up by a lady here who should be receiving him either today or tomorrow. There is another old timer waiting in the wings to put in his or her appearance very soon. I got very adventurous the other day and bought some knitting yarns and needles with thoughts of knitting some clothes and hats for the oldies - haven't done knitting for years! Just hope I can remember what to do!
 So, it's back to bear business and my brain is buzzing with thoughts of critters too ummmm!!