Friday, July 29, 2011

AMELIA the new girl comes to town......


Well another week has just whizzed past again and it is Saturday afternoon already! It has been a busy week finishing Amelia off and doing some very boring chores, yuck! I am going to creep out of my comfort zone for a short time and make up a doll - shock, horror! Because I am not really a doll person - there are a few that I like and I do have a very small collection. The one that I am going to make up is a very good subsitute for the BJD Super Dollfie and at the moment I am busy gathering all the bits and pieces I will need to make her and her outfit. I've always like these dolls but I don't like the prices and so have never bought one. I am going to be artistic later today and put together a Bonsai tree and hope like hell it will survive! I have 2 that I bought - one is a Port Jackson Fig and the other is a Conifer and so far so good and both are doing really well. When it comes to plants or anything to do with gardening I do not have green fingers more like as hubby likes to say the kiss of death! LOL!
Anyway, wishing you all a very good weekend:o))

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MINNIE girly bear........


What a week it has been so far but I did manage to finish another old timer and it's a girl!! How about that! I think I must be starting to do something right at long last:o))  It is certainly bear making weather at the moment - cold and windy and not nice to be outside even the dogs only go out if they really have to as they are not too keen on having the wind whistling around their under carriage LOL!
I think I've found some muscles I didn't know I had! Once a year we have a bulk waste collection where you can put out all your old unwanted stuff like washing machines, fridges, TV's etc so that's what I have been doing this morning - gathering all the stuff for hubby to take down to the front of the property phewie! It feels good to have a good clear out that's for sure!