Monday, May 23, 2011

New bear on the block.......


Hope you all had a good weekend:o)) I finished another new bear over the weekend who is a little bit different in design but still enjoyed making him. Notice I said 'him' yep it's another boy bear - did try for a girl but it just wasn't going to happen, so what's new! LOL!
Today hubby has decided to act the part of Lumberjack and take down a very tall Palm that is growing too close to the house - this is at the back of the house as we also have a very tall one growing at the front of the house as well. Now, the best part is he wants me to hang on to the rope! Why me?! What have I done to deserve this and as you can imagine I am not having a very good feeling about this ho-hummm! I just hope he knows what he is doing LOL!


Astridbears said...

wonderful! I love this bear!! Great colours, Jake is adorable

Stacey said...

Jake is very sweet--and I love the ruff around his neck. A wonderful old circus bear. Your work is the best!

Henrys Welt said...

Oh, what a beuatiful bear.
Heike & Henry

Leny said...

Jake is a gorgeous bear! Like his colours a lot!