Monday, August 16, 2010

BANJO a lonely care worn.......

Let me introduce Banjo to you all as he is going to be the first in my "Oldies but Goodies" collection. I really enjoyed myself aging this little guy especially when it came to doing the nose (me and noses do not go together!) as I didn't have to sew the perfect nose! Aaaahhhh bliss:o))

Saturday, August 14, 2010

BUFFY the bear......

I had a re-inventing moment and sought out my original head which I fiddled with here and there and the end result was Buffy. I must admit I'm not sure if I enjoy these re-inventing moments as it feels like I have gone backwards when I would much prefer to go forward! 
I'm quite excited about a couple of bears that are in the sewing process as I feel I have come out of my comfort zone and I'm working on those care worn oldies - I have a real soft spot for these type of bears and have quite a few in my collection.
It is so windy today and my laundry is literally being spun dry! Bet I end up rescuing undies and such from around the garden LOL!