Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Miss Amy.......

Seems awhile since I have posted but I don't suppose it is:o)) I've been a little buried in bears as I have orders to go out - nice and snuggley which is okay as it is now getting quite chilly as Winter starts to take hold brrrrrr!!
I thought I would put up a picture of Miss Amy bossy boots who likes to be in charge of the computer on some days and even has the luxury of her doggie bed on there LOL! We have 2 computer systems set up in the study on 2 desks - hubby put a board across the 2 desks and that is where madame resides on her throne! Millie is okay about this and is happy to sit on her cushion box looking out of the window on lizard watch!

Monday, April 9, 2012

New LEON bear.......

Ho-hummm! The long weekend has been and gone and it was a quiet one due to the fact we didn't have a full house of family this year. That's okay as I enjoyed the quiet and I was able to get new bear Leon finished and read a good book:o)) Yep, putting my hand up and saying that I am a total bookworm:o)) 
Leon shrunk in the wash LOL! No not really I decided to try my hand at small - well what I call small! This little guy is only 26cm tall but he has still managed to look all worn out and much loved and I wanted to try making a bear from viscose hmmmm! Can't make my mind up on that fabric even though it is lovely and soft and quite good to work with and also dyes up nicely too.
Anyway, wishing you all a good week:o))