Friday, May 22, 2009

Colours of the rainbow.....

I have been very slow but at long last I have just finished another colourful creation. I loved working with these colours as they are soft pastel shades of the rainbow and Jasmine turned out to be quite a stunning little girl - really pleased with her and she is now on my website for you all to see so enjoy!

A big thank you to Elanor ( for this blog award!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

I have been quite a busy bee since the weekend - playing once again with the dye pot and coming up with 4 pieces of nicely dyed mohair so watch this space.....
It has taken awhile but I have eventually finished my first attempt at Lottie my raggy doll (hope you see this Paula!) with a few mistakes so don't look too closely! Looking forward to having another go especially since I have just bought myself a new sewing machine - yep, you heard right ME with a new machine! Well what right minded girl could resist a special offer of 40% off the price! A huge upgrade on my old tank of a machine which is over 30 years old! The old tank was so heavy to lift it made my legs buckle and turned my face a lovely shade of red. So I'm afraid it got relegated to a cupboard after a while but it always came with when we moved from country to country. I'm not a great lover of sewing machines as we never see eye to eye but it is good to have one especially my new super duper one which is all computerized. I am hoping to make a few outfits as I have just bought myself a Bleuette doll and she is going to need clothes. Tongue in cheek as my dress making skills are very limited BUT I have a friend nearby who is very good at all that stuff and I only have to shout HELP!! Think I may be doing that quite a few times.