Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hand Dyed Mohair......


It's Sunday afternoon and once again the weekend is nearly over - where has it gone?! Yesterday I had great fun and played with the dye pots and came up with some really nice colours:o)) There was one colour I did which I don't think is really suitable for my oldies even though it is a really nice Jade Green colour - so I'm going to offer it for sale for someone else to make a nice bear from.
Friday was a big day as Samantha (daughter) had her 4 wisdom teeth taken out - it was a bit of a stuff up as she only wanted to have 2 of them taken out and that's what she booked for. To say she was not amused is an understatement because it was very expensive - her hubby queried it and of course they came up with all sorts of excuses!
I found a Bush tick on Millie the other day (first one in 6 years, not bad going) so it was operation 'Tick' - I have a special tick hook remover so I let himself in on the action - he removed it and lost it! Knew I should have done the job myself:o)) We spent ages looking for it - never found it until the next day back on Millie's neck again! Did the job properly this time and it is now one very dead tick! After finding the tick first time I promptly put on the drops (Advantix) which I always use for the tick season which is usually Sept. through to about April. This time though I bought the Advantix DIY kit as it works out cheaper for the 2 of them. 
Anyway, suppose I had better get back to bear business and hope everyone has a good week:o))


Leny said...

It's a beautiful color mohair Lyn!!


Jenna said...

Hi Lyn, Thank you so much for your visit, you always know how to cheer me up :o) I hope next week will be better and I can get on with some fun stuff...Have a wonderful evening and a beautiful tomorrow! Hugs Jennifer