Saturday, October 23, 2010

OSCAR rolls into town.....

Just finished Oscar who belongs to my Oldies but Goodies collection - thought I would show him off here but hopefully today at some point he will put in an appearance on my website - got to sweet talk hubby! Making these care worn loved bears is fast becoming an addiction and a very nice one it is too! I am getting as much pleasure out of giving them the 'shabby look' as I do out of sewing them:o))

Monday, October 18, 2010




Well I've been real busy and managed to finish not one but two new bears! It seemed to take me forever to come up with names for them but I got there in the end and I think their names suit them! I am waiting for himself to put them up on my website - he has gone away for a few days checking out the Central Coast to see if this is where we want to move to. So, it's just me and the dogs and it is so peaceful around here aaarrrhhh bliss!



Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lonely MYRTLE..........

Another oldie but goodie and she goes by the name of Myrtle! I used a lovely soft sparse curly mohair in a pale pink and lilac. I gave her plenty of aging which I find so much fun to do. 
Anyway, I can't really hang out on the blog today as it seems to be one of those days when every time I look at the clock more time has whizzed past and I still have so much more to do!