Monday, February 16, 2009

Rain, rain go away and come back another day! Wonderful weather for the ducks and I've even got a few instant ponds for them scattered around the land.
Well my poor brain has been doing over time and at last I have come up with what I class as a normal bear - the opposite to one of my more usual colourful guys. I've been making the perfect bear like you do - in my head for a long time and finally I have pushed him out and I finished him yesterday.
I am really pleased with the end result which says a lot coming from me as I am my own worst critic BUT me being me there are a few adjustments I would like to do to the pattern.
Anyway, meet 'Rufus' who is soon to be on my website looking for a new home.

Friday, February 6, 2009

It is amazing how the time has just whizzed pass me - I'm sure it does it when your not looking or is it just a getting older thing?! Anyway, besides trying very hard to stay cool with fans and air con doing overtime and the heatwave taking over. The poor grass looks and feels like straw and the plants and trees are just about hanging in there. Certainly not bear making weather - but never say die as I battle on with two fans pointed in my direction and the odd arm or paw pad and cotton go sailing off to the other side of the room!

Last year I happily joined in with a Bear Swap which was organized by a very brave person on Teddy Talk. My swap partner was Beth of ScaliWagGrrs and we decided we would surprise each other. Well, I now have my surprise and what a surprise it was too! For a few seconds or more I was speechless and stunned and that takes some doing - just ask my friends! Muffin looks so much like my Millie (Norwich Terrier) it's unbelievable! Millie thought so too and gave Muffin the doggie welcome check over and then tried to walk off with her - as for Amy she gave her the eyeball to eyeball treatment - a little wag of the her tail - the huff and then the walking off with head in the air 'we are not amused'!

I am not a doll person but I have been inspired by the raggies again and not only have I bought a few new ones (always do things big time) but I am going to attempt to make one, shock! horror! I made one a couple of years back and felt quite proud of myself at the time until himself said it gave him the creeps (rude word moment) and she has never left the bear room since and I didn't make anymore - time to fight back! Enjoy the pictures.