Saturday, June 26, 2010

A New Bear is Born.........

Meet Carmen a bear which I started before I went away and now I have finished her. Can't believe I have been back home a week already! Carmen's face is a little different to what I usually do and I wasn't quite sure if she looked right or not but after a few days of looking at her I think she is pretty cute and the colours have gone well together too. I really must get some more pieces of mohair dyed as I have nothing left but that doesn't stop me from sewing as at the moment I am having fun working with 'normal' colours:o)) Anyway, you can find Carmen up for adoption on my website if you would like to give her a good home:o))

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The day of the Wedding..........

I'm back! Slowly getting things sorted and catching up! Had a great time and so did the dogs - lots of eating yummy food and I'm thinking I am going to pay for this! But believe it or not I have actually lost 2kg's which came as a real surprise to me! Must have been all the exercise as we were out and about every day doing something and we were taking the dogs down to the doggie park or walking the streets or when Tony went for a run around the bay we all went to with the dogs in tow.
The day of the wedding (18th June) went reasonably smoothly - poor Matt (Tony's best mate) who arrived back early morning from his trip to USA/Canada had no sooner put his case down before I had him putting the ribbon on his car and ours! The day before I was learning how to make a wedding bouquet on YouTube - in the afternoon I went out and got the flowers and all the other bits and pieces and then I spent the evening making it as well as 3 buttonhole pieces for himself, Tony and his dad. Samantha wasn't going to have flowers because the florist wanted $180 just for a little posey! She just couldn't justify that amount of money for just a few flowers.
The pictures don't really show it but we were all freezing our bunnies off! It was quite windy which didn't help matters - Samantha wore her thick heavy  Winter coat which I was quite happy to hold for her when the time came for the ceremony - no chance of getting into it but at least I could put it around my shoulders!
Simon (son) and Teresa are now in NZ for a 14 day holiday - flew out the day after the wedding and Samantha and Tony left for Croatia on Wednesday so should be there now - text us from Singapore where they had an 8-10 hour stop over. They will be having a full ceremony in Croatia so there will be more pics to look at some point.
While down there I got the chance to go to the Craft and Quilt Fair at the exhibition centre, Darling Harbour - had a very enjoyable time in there! Himself was having a few groans and I really should have insisted he took himself off to the art gallery as he would have liked to have gone there - not really my thing.
Lots of sewing to catch up on as I didn't do any while away even though I did take my bear box with. Finished a bear off which was nearly finished before I left - just need to do the pics now once the Sun pops out again - wish it would as I have a stack of laundry to get dry with more to wash.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Walking Opals.....

How about these for walking jewels. These little guys were found in my friends back yard as she was pruning the Hibscus bush. They are known as a Cotton Harlequin Bug and there are a few different types but these guys must be top of the list for beauty - like my friend said they are like walking Opals.