Monday, June 30, 2014

Daily visitors......

Bath time and feed time at hotel Brimbin! It does get very busy and noisy at times with all the different parrots! We go from the big guys like the Cockatoo's to King Parrots - Rainbow Lorikeets - Scallies - Eastern Rosella's.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Going away.........

Emmett will soon be leaving home to go and live in France where I know it is going to be warmer for him than it is here at the moment brrrrrr!! We have blue skies and sunny BUT the wind is blowing and it is cold!!
Poor Miss Amy disappears and snuggles down inside her pillow cover and will only venture out if there is food on offer especially chicken!! She adores chicken and if I put out a couple of chicken necks for her and Miss Millie she patrols the kitchen area until they are given them!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

In my garden........

The other day I was privileged to find and see a Bower which is made by the male Satin Bower bird to woo the female. The male is a iridescent black with a sapphire blue eye and the female is a green though the male is also green for the first 7 years.
The blue bits are provide by me and my neighbour as we leave them in a bird feeder especially for this bird! Though a bit of a shy bird we have had a gathering of females in the bushes or around the bird bath.