Monday, August 3, 2009

Picasso and Tiffin......

Thank you to those who sent their best wishes in that I get better soon. Well, I'm more or less back to my old normal self - whatever normal is because I don't really do much of that!
I've managed to be create and finished off 2 new bears called 'Tiffin' and 'Picasso' and now I wait for himself to get them up on my website but in the meantime I will add them on here. Both bears look like they have be let loose amongst the dye pots but I reckon they both turned out pretty good - even if I do say so myself! Dolls have started creeping into my life recently which has been a huge surprise to me as I have never been a doll type person but I have taken a big liking to the Bleuette's and the reproduction French and German dolls and I have grand idea's of making a few outfits for them but we will see big sigh!!