Monday, November 29, 2010


Getting on my soap today as I was a little shocked when I took a bear to be posted to America to find that I had to pay a AUD$9 surcharge because it weighed more than 453grams (1lb).
This is apparently to fund the USA's newly introduced package scanning operation - maybe that should read 'scamming' operation - what an outrage! It is almost like another import tax in disguise.
As if the richest country in the world cannot afford to do this as part of their normal operations as every other country in the world does - without a surcharge. Is this the FREE trade we keep hearing about from America?
Not exactly something that you can ask the collector to pay on top of the already high postage. Not a happy bunny when I have 2 more packages to send to America.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

LIZARD WATCH...........

For once I had the camera when I needed it and got some really nice pictures of the girl's on their Lizard watch or anything else that moves! They are on their special box with a cushion on top which is kept by the window in the study so that they can sit on there and watch the world go by. This is really Millie's special place but Amy has taken to either shoving Millie to one side and then getting on there with her or Amy will stand there and shout until Millie gives in and gets off so that madam can have the cushion all to herself! Amy really is a very bossy mini Dachs where as Millie is very laid back and so sweet tempered.

Monday, November 8, 2010

LOTUS the blossom bear...........

So far this week all is going well - that was until this morning when I wanted to cut a piece of cotton - missed that and cut my finger instead which is now encased in a plaster. It's not sore but it took forever to stop the bleeding and hubby did a disappearing act as he goes all weak at the knees at the sight of blood - not much help there then! Last week was a bit of a disaster as the washing machine threw a big hissy fit, fell apart and leaked all over the laundry room floor - luckily I had just got all the laundry finished so not too much screaming and shouting from me! I am now the proud owner of a new washing machine which arrived yesterday and it got the first work out today - very happy bunny am I:o))
Anyway, I got real busy and finished Lotus who's colours are a little unusual and what I was trying to achieve was in capturing the colours of one of my doona covers and I think I got pretty close to it.