Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coming into land........

Another month has just disappeared and I feel like I haven't been around much - pulling a face of puzzlement! I have been very busy with the bears finishing off 4 which will soon be making their way to the UK AND another oldie who will soon be going up for adoption:o))
So, what was I up to last month besides being buried in bears (that was nice but a bit hot at times LOL!) well, we and the dogs were down in Sydney for just over a week staying with daughter & hubby and was getting our fix of suburbia which we enjoy very much but always nice to come home:o)) It was a week back home and then we were down to Sydney again to hand over the dogs to Samantha while we took off for Wellington, New Zealand for a few days or so. Wellington has the nick name 'Windy Wellie" and I can see why because as we were coming into land we were being tossed all over the place! When we actually landed the plane was going all over the runway and when we eventually came to a stop everyone started clapping!  From relief I should think LOL! Yep, there were gale force winds blowing and that was the worse landing I have ever experienced - the winds kept up for about 2 days and it was a little chilly BUT no rain!