Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OTTO - now you see him - now you don't!.......


Well I finished another oldie guy but before I could show him off he was snapped up by one of my collectors but I thought I would show him off anyway:o)) It's funny you know when making these oldies I am always thinking I am not going to really like this one BUT when the final touches are finished I am so pleased with the end result and always a little sorry to see them leave home.
I am a complete wreck at the moment as my face and neck have had a violent reaction to a new face cream that I have recently started using - my poor face looks like it has been burnt with sore dry red patches - rash and swelling especially around the eyes. I may just send some photo's to this skincare company and let them see what their products have done to my skin - do not suppose anything will come of it but it may just make me feel better.


Jenna said...

I'm so sorry about your rash. I have touchy skin and can't use a lot of different products...I do use philosophy products and they make a nice skin cream called "hope in a jar" philosophy is the only skin care I use. The bear is adorable and I love his little outfit too. Have a nice day and feel better.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love him!

Oh my.....I have that with a lot of facecreams, but have a troubleshooter as well. I use a Clarins serum which instantly calms down the skin. It is superb stuff when you have an outbreak of spots like this.

I know what you mean about feeling that a bear is not going to be what you want him to be when you are still in the process of making him. I always have that with each and every bear. When they are finished I usually fall in love with them

Hope the spots heal soon. ::Big hugs:: Ellen

deb said...

He;s adorable! I can see why he was snapped up! Sorry about the cream reaction. I have all kinds of allergies but thankfully that has never happened! You poor thing! I would definitely send a photo to someone!

Jenna said...

Hi Lyn! I love all the philosophy products...I use "hope in a jar" for morning and night face cream...I wash my face with "purity made simple" these two items are great if your just starting out and want to try philosophy...I love ALL their products and I won't use anything else as far as skin care...I did a post and showed all the products I have, just look in my older posts. I love the shower gels especially the "amazing grace" line, it smells awesome! the shower gels don't dry your skin out and most of the scents only last as long as your shower does so you can wear your perfume without having worries the smell will mix. My dermatologist even said I can use these products without worry...Good luck and let me know if they work for you...hugs, Jennifer

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, he's fab, no wonder he flew off quickly. I'm making my first 'oldie' at the moment, totally unsure how he's going to turn out, but the idea of doing the aging is both exciting and terrifying me at the same time!

Hope the rash goes away soon