Friday, February 11, 2011

THEO - could he be your Valentine.......


We may have just been through a heat wave but I did manage to finish another oldie who goes by the name of Theo and joins my 'Oldies but Goodies Collection'. I think it is offical now that I am totally and utterly addicted to this old style look and I think it is all due to the fact I can be more creative which is so much more fun!
Those of you who read my previous posting and that terrible reaction I got to a certain face cream - well, my face is all back to normal now thank goodness! I got in touch with the people who I bought it from and they are going to refund all my money and I don't have to send the products back - so guess where they've gone?!
If anyone doesn't like Bats then look away now! This is a Grey-headed Flying-Fox and is Australia's largest bat with a wing span of  1m - this one is only a baby and seems to have lost his way and is hanging out in one of our trees close to the house - has a lot to say for himself if you get too close LOL!
Wish you all a good weekend and a Happy Valentine's day:o))


Astridbears said...

Hi Lyn,
Theo is very adorable!! The Flying-Fox looks very fearful, hopefully she find another way..
have a wonderful weekend and a lovely Valentinsday

Ellen Borggreve said...

Theo is such a beautiful chap! But gotta love that bat!!! Did you name him/her? What a face :)
Enjoy your weekend Lyn and an early Happy Valentine's Day :)) ::Hugs:: Ellen

Jenna said...

Theo is wonderful Lyn!!! The way you used the red on him in specific area's, it just makes him so unique and his face is adorable! Lovely job... The bat is cute too, my husband thought he was fake until I told him he was real...Have a nice valentines Day! hugs, Jennifer

deb said...

He is absolutely adorable! I could take that face home any day! May I ask where yo got the picture below of the bear on the swing? Love the old bear look!

primsista said...

Lyn, I really like your vintage looking bears!
I looove their legs:)) And how they are sitting:))

Leny said...

I love..Theo!!!