Friday, September 23, 2011

New girl MOLLY.......


Well the end of another week and I've been fairly busy messing around with the bears and today I have Molly to show off - certainly getting the hang of getting the girls to come out:o)) There is another bear waiting in the wings but he is a little shy and doesn't want to show himself just yet. Geez! and I thought my dogs were fussy LOL!
It is very smokey around us at the moment - not sure if they are having a burn off in the forest which is at the end of my road or whether someone is doing it on their property. I know someone is having a pile burn tomorrow because a person from the fire brigade stopped by to let us know.
Anyway, here's hoping you all have a good weekend:o))


Henrys Welt said...

Dein neues Bärchen ist wieder wunderschön.
Liebe Grüße
Heike & Henry

Katy Cameron said...

Very cute, love her expression

customteddys said...

I saw her on Bearpile! She is beautiful and I simply love the dusty blue. Hugs, Vicki