Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BENJAMIN bear......


I tried and tried but it didn't go to plan and the boys are back! This old timer was finished over the long weekend - couldn't do much else as we have been getting heavy rains since last week which has caused a lot of flooding in my area and many places are cut off and other places are being evacuated. The river rose higher than exspected and so parts of the town have flooded as well as properties which are along the river banks. Luckily we are fine and just have instant large duck ponds around the property. I went into town yesterday and had to play dodge the pot holes and let me tell you there were plenty of them! Anyway, more rain today but it is suppose to be getting better tomorrow, hope so! The laundry is backing up and the dogs are fed up keeping there legs crossed until they are so desperate they have to brave the rain - maybe I should invest in some doggie rain coats LOL!


customteddys said...

The rain does leave time for bear making, doesn't it. I love your little guy. The girls are few and far between for me, too. Stay dry, Vicki

Henrys Welt said...

Hoffentlich hört der starke Regen bald auf, damit bei Euch nicht noch mehr überflutet wird.
Benjamin ist sehr schön geworden.

Astridbears said...

Benjamin is a adorable bear, I love this old style! Very cute!!
have a nice weekend withg lot´s of sunshne

Leny said...

Love Benjamin bear!!!

Hope you do not have more rain!


deb said...

Loved both of the last 2 bears! We in VT have had the flooding and rain. doesn't affect my house much as we sit very high but i can relate to the doggies not wanting to get their feets wet! And the Springer is like a giant sponge ! He brings it all back in with him!

Ellen Borggreve said...

Oh my, I do love Benjamin bear!!! Your bears just keep getting better and better! I love the blog design too! Have a great week and hugs for the doggies :)
Big hugs, Ellen