Saturday, January 21, 2012

Charming Pierre......

Well charming Pierre has now finished with all his posing in front of the camera and is now looking forward to being someone's Valentine:o)) I really do get so much fun and pleasure out of doing these oldies and always looking forward to taking on the next one!
We started the day with a really bad storm the thunder and lighting was even making me jump! Poor Millie was really stressed out and hiding under my desk - all I could do was keep her calm and reassure her. Amy was just fine with it all and she even wore her pink raincoat to go outside for a pee LOL!

We are going down to Sydney in 2 weeks time to stay with daughter & hubby for about a week get our dose of suburbia and do things that we don't get to do where we live.
Have a good day:o))

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Bear SAMMY.......


My second new bear for 2012 and I reckon he will be just right to be someone's Valentine - well he hopes so anyway as he seems to think he is a pretty handsome guy:o))

Monday, January 9, 2012

The latest in doggie wear fashion........

 I did have a new bear for 2012 called Ollie (thought I would show a picture of him anyway) but I'm afraid he didn't stay around along before setting off on his journey to a much cooler climate - wish I could have joined him because it is so steamy at the moment, yuck! Watch this space because there is another new bear about to put in an appearance - just got to have a posing session then we are ready to face the public:o))
Amy the mini Dachs hates the rain and getting wet and so ping! went the light bulb and I think I have the answer - so here she is wearing the latest in doggie fashion - somehow I don't think she is very amused LOL! I know Millie wasn't because she chased her all over the house trying to rip it off her!