Saturday, May 25, 2013

Getting ready to leave home..........

Here we are getting ready to leave home and head off on our long journey to the UK - will be nice to leave these chilly parts but somehow don't think we will be hitting warmer times!!
Winter is rushing in pretty quick smart now - Winter dooner on the bed, pink slippers and woolly sweaters dragged out of retirement and the occasional burst of heat from the heater aarrhhh!!
Miss Amy has to wear one of her many doggie coats and spends most of the day chasing sun spots! Miss Millie likes the cooler days and is always up for a game of footie with her favourite ball - not at all ladylike is Millie LOL! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

CECIL bear...............


New bear Cecil has been and gone! It is still very much a crazy house around here at the moment but a lot of fun even if I am having stressing out moments LOL!
Had a bit of trouble with some face cream -  my poor face had another allergic reaction - silly me shouldn't have been adventurous and tried something different  Luckily only a small jar and not too expensive. Won't try that one again! I think I may have the problem of suffering from a Winter skin because at the moment my face feels like I have washed it with soap! Dry, itchy and a little sore though that could be the lasting reaction to the crappy face cream I tried, big sighs!