Friday, November 18, 2011

JASPER bear.....


It's been awhile since I've got to finished a bear but that's all down to having caught a really nasty virus which left me no good to anyone or anything LOL! It took a long time for me to kick it into touch but now I am feeling so much better and I finished off this little guy Jasper:o)) I also joined in another TT swap and made a Christmas teddy bauble but I can't show that yet as my swap partner hasn't received it yet.
Wishing you all a good weekend!


Astridbears said...

Jasper is excellent and the photo is lovely with the spool cotton!
have a good start in the new creative week

Katy Cameron said...

For a horrible minute there I misread that as you'd kicked Jasper into touch, and I thought that was terrible bear cruelty! Glad you're feeling better though, and Jasper looks fab :o)

Henrys Welt said...

Jasper ist ein wundersc hönes Bärchen.
Liebe Grüße
Heike & Henry

susana said...

gosh, wish you are feeling better now. i' m still putting bits and pieces together for the swap, have to run fast as i got the address :)