Saturday, October 25, 2014

Steiff Bear 'Mr Saggy'..........

Okay I've had a camera moment and got a couple of nice poses of 'Mr Saggy' - yes that is what I have named him but I am hoping to put that right by stuffing that area including his hump at the back - going to be interesting to have a peek inside his body!

PETER bear........


What a week I've had......firstly the dishwasher died of old age which I suppose is not too bad seeing as it was 24 years old! Bought a new one which is now all fitted and working very nicely! Hubby fitted and plumbed it in and the bad language was quite mild for him so me or the dogs didn't have to take cover and keep our distance!!
Last night we had water coming down through the ceiling and yes I own up it was my fault - I forgot to turn the taps off over the bath after using the shower spray after washing my hair!! It's a bit of a complicated system so won't bore you with the details!
There was a happy moment when Peter the bear was adopted not long after I put him up - so he will be off to his new home this week:o))
Ooohhh! Nearly forgot I did have another happy moment when an old Steiff bear arrived and he is just adorable (will put a pic up of him soon) and the face gets me every time! He is in pretty good condition for his age seeing as he is from around 1948 and comes with a bit of history as he has a small tag on his arm which says USA zone Germany - his button is missing but there is a green mark where it use to be - he is around 38cm.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

GEORGE bear........

George is on his way to his new home today. We are getting a real dose of wild weather at the moment and it has gone so chilly too! I had to drag out some of the Winter woolies this morning from retirement! Got around town this morning pretty quickly as I was just about blown everywhere!!