Saturday, March 29, 2014

Albert Bear......


I thought I would show off Albert bear although he has already been adopted and waiting to go to his new home in France:o)
I did a little happy dance this week as there is an artist profile of me and my bears in the latest issue of Teddy Bear Times magazine:o) I haven't got my printed copy yet but I wish it would hurry up!!
We had a very wild storm the other day and I reckon a mini Tornado passed through - stuff flying every where - garden furniture moving across the yard the trees were bending so much I was just waiting to see a few of them snap! At one point the kitchen window sort of made a booming noise as it got hit by the wind - I ducked down as I thought it was going to cave it!!
But luckily no serious damage and just a few small trees down - not seen anything like it before though I've sat through a bad Hurricane when living in America and that was really scary!
Quite a few areas lost power - ours dipped a few times but we didn't loose it - we have a generator for back up so wasn't too worried if we did loose it. 
Had to do a lot of clearing up outside and after the storm had passed I saw a double rainbow and the colours were so strong - very pretty! No pots of gold at the end of them though!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ready to leave home........


This is new bear William who is now ready to leave home.......