Monday, July 20, 2009

Lonesome Domino

For the past few days I have been feeling really lousy as I suffer yet another cold thanks to someone who crossed my path recently and felt a real need to share their germs with everyone else including me! So everything got put on hold while I sneezed, coughed, sniffed and shivered and groaned that I was dyeing to my other half - a little sympathy from him but I got more from the dogs, that figures!
Anyway, I have now finished two new bears called Poppet and Domino - Poppet never even made it to my website as she was bought as soon as she appeared on Bearpile which was very nice and the lady also wanted Pebbles so those two will be shipped off to their new homes today.
Poor Domino is now all on his own and will hopefully be on my website sometime today after I have sweet talked himself into doing this one little job for me:0))
Now I must get back to the packing department.......