Monday, February 28, 2011

ARCHIE comes to town.......

How you all doing and thank you for the many kind comments which were left on my previous post:o)) Despite being so hot here at the moment which makes sewing a little unpleasant I did manage to finish Archie who had me guessing right up to the end whether he was going to behave and look good or not! I always seem to come up with more boys than I do girls and it is no good me telling myself this one is going to be a girl because it just never works that way for me. My face is all back to normal now after that terrible reaction I had to a face cream and I certainly will not be buying that product again! One good thing came out of it and that was that they refunded all my money.

Friday, February 11, 2011

THEO - could he be your Valentine.......


We may have just been through a heat wave but I did manage to finish another oldie who goes by the name of Theo and joins my 'Oldies but Goodies Collection'. I think it is offical now that I am totally and utterly addicted to this old style look and I think it is all due to the fact I can be more creative which is so much more fun!
Those of you who read my previous posting and that terrible reaction I got to a certain face cream - well, my face is all back to normal now thank goodness! I got in touch with the people who I bought it from and they are going to refund all my money and I don't have to send the products back - so guess where they've gone?!
If anyone doesn't like Bats then look away now! This is a Grey-headed Flying-Fox and is Australia's largest bat with a wing span of  1m - this one is only a baby and seems to have lost his way and is hanging out in one of our trees close to the house - has a lot to say for himself if you get too close LOL!
Wish you all a good weekend and a Happy Valentine's day:o))

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OTTO - now you see him - now you don't!.......


Well I finished another oldie guy but before I could show him off he was snapped up by one of my collectors but I thought I would show him off anyway:o)) It's funny you know when making these oldies I am always thinking I am not going to really like this one BUT when the final touches are finished I am so pleased with the end result and always a little sorry to see them leave home.
I am a complete wreck at the moment as my face and neck have had a violent reaction to a new face cream that I have recently started using - my poor face looks like it has been burnt with sore dry red patches - rash and swelling especially around the eyes. I may just send some photo's to this skincare company and let them see what their products have done to my skin - do not suppose anything will come of it but it may just make me feel better.