Monday, December 31, 2012

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another one.......

As you all know I am not really a doll person but do have a liking for the BJD's. Recently hubby made the mistake of asking me what would I like for my birthday pressie and so without any hesitation and very quick smart I was about it too I asked for another BJD and she arrived this week:o)) I somehow don't think he is going to be in too much of a rush to ask me what would I like for a Christmas pressie LOL!
Oliver was my last bear for this year and him and his 2 mates Maurice and Winston are already on their travels to their new home for Christmas. I'll still keep sewing and keeping myself out of trouble as I've got orders for the New Year to fill plus it is an addiction and I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I wasn't busy sewing:o))
Have a good day everyone............

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Another new bear is on the loose and looking for a new home and you can find him on my homepage up for adoption:o))
Still hot and steamy and wasn't very nice having a photo session in the bear room this morning! 
Wishing you all a good weekend......

Monday, November 26, 2012


Winston is just in time and now ready for Christmas and looking very smart he is too:o)) We are having a little mini heatwave at the moment which is not much fun when it comes to bear making - all hot and sweaty yuck!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Something a little different......

The 2 store orders are well and truly on their way and though it was nice to have a little relax I did manage to finish a new bear but he was snapped up as soon as he was finished:o)) I got to finish a vintage style elephant for a friend AND at long last I got to finish a vintage/primitive style bunny which has been hanging out in the bear room in bits for ages! Not sure what to do with this little guy - whether to keep him here in the bear room or put him up for adoption, oh-hummmm!!
Okay, back to bear business and wishing you all a good weekend:o)) 

This is Maurice who was adopted as soon as I had finished him

Friday, November 16, 2012

Leaving home.........

Phewie!! I am now taking a breather as I have just finished 2 Christmas orders for the UK which will be on their way next week. Though I have taken a breather I am still working on more bears - just can't stop! 
We recently went down to Sydney to visit and stay with son in their new home - took a box of bears with but never got the chance to work on them! We all went to see Cirque Du Soleil Ovo and enjoyed it very much but didn't think it was that good - a little disappointing.
It got so dry here recently the grass went brown and like straw to look at and walk on which is not so good when it is bush fire season. Think we are okay now as it has been raining.
Anyway, wishing you all a good and enjoyable weekend......... 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Look what came into my garden.......

We had a few visitors to the garden yesterday who go by the name of Yellow Cheeked Black Cockatoo's. Such beautiful big birds with a haunting cry but at the time this photo was taken they were munching their way through some of the gum tree branches and making quite a noise about it too! The branch that he or she was was munching on in the pic actually fell off this morning. We don't often get these parrots come down and visit but do often see them flying over. The photo was taken at a distance and from underneath so not giving the true size of these parrots.

Friday, October 5, 2012


It's been a busy week but I did manage to finish a new bear who ended up with the name Jeeves. Took myself for an eye test the other day and ordered myself a new pair of specs and a pair of prescription sunnies. Poor old eyes are not as good as they use to be - bit of a bummer!
So hot yesterday and not even Summer yet - think we are going to be in for a really hot one too! A few bush fires have broken out in other areas and I think they have been back burning nearby to us as it has been pretty stinky the last few days.
Though I am not really a doll person I couldn't resist getting myself one of these Angel of Dream BJD dolls - there are not that many dolls that I like but these BJD's just seem to have something about them that appeals to me, hmmm!! She came with that fur wig but I've got a really nice white and black wig that will suit her much better.
Rambling off now so hope you all have a good and enjoyable weekend:o)) 

Friday, September 28, 2012


Well the girls are on top form and to prove it here is my latest Matilda wearing a beautiful jacket and hat made by a very talented friend of mine Jo in the UK. Jo makes the most beautiful old fashioned style outfits for bears.
A long weekend for us and plenty of bear business going on for me:o)) 
Wishing you all a good and enjoyable weekend.........

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A real Old Timer........

bear_original Thought I would pop this old timer on here and see if anyone can identify him. He is made from mohair, pin jointed - got a growler but doesn't work - straw/wood wool stuffed - painted eyes and 46cm tall. Previous owner reckons he is from the 50's but feels he could be older. I have a sneaky feeling he could be a Farnell just not sure  bear_rolleyes I think he is a lovely old guy - love his face!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

NELLIE the ellie......

The weekend has been and gone once again but I was kept busy finishing off something a little different. I took a teeny weeny step out of my comfort zone and came up with Nellie the ellie. She has been hanging out in the bear room for a little while - I've attempted ellies before but never really liked them BUT at long last I am really pleased with this one:o))
Until the next time I wish you all a good week:o))

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another new girl.......

All I can say is that I must be doing something right as here is new girl Odette. Wasn't sure about that antiqued gold to start with but I am really liking it now!
Wishing you all a good and enjoyable weekend.......

Friday, August 24, 2012

It's a girl..........

It doesn't happen very often as the boys tend to rule the roost BUT the new kid on the block is a very pretty girl called Colette:o)) Not really pretty, pretty as I think she is a bit of a tom boy - well who wouldn't be surrounded all the time with the boys:o))
Geez! Did we have a wind storm the other night - quite scary as it sounded like a steam train going through! Kept holding my breath as I waited for some tree to come crashing down! Had a good look around the next morning and no damage - just lots of leaves and branches and other bits and pieces every where.
Going to be busy again working on a new order for a teddy bear store in Paris, France - ohh la la!! My poor little fingers are going to be working overtime but at least it keeps them out of trouble!
Until the next time wishing you all a good and enjoyable weekend......

Friday, August 10, 2012

Old Timer Didier.......

Earlier this week old timer Didier put in his appearance and was received well with many kind comments which is much appreciated and inspiring:o))
Winter is not being very kind to us at the moment with howling winds and rain and oh so cold too brrrrrr!!
I have myself a new purple/pink bike which I am learning to ride (never could get the hang of riding a bike!) as I wobble my way around the drive way and come very close to going head first into the bushes! My poor bum is suffering big time as it is so sore!! At one point I had to strap a nice big fat soft cushion onto the seat! But now I have a new big soft cushy seat and you can almost hear my bum sighing with relief LOL! Not good enough yet to be let loose on the road - oh well it is all good fun and I'm sure I've given quite a few people a good laugh including hubby and the big kids:o))
Anyway, wishing you all a good weekend........ 

Looking a real nerd because I didn't have my face (touch of make-up) on and those safety helmets are not at all flattering LOL!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Simpkin Bear......

I've been very busy with store orders but did manage to squeeze in another oldie who goes by the name of Simpkin but was happily snapped up by a lady here who should be receiving him either today or tomorrow. There is another old timer waiting in the wings to put in his or her appearance very soon. I got very adventurous the other day and bought some knitting yarns and needles with thoughts of knitting some clothes and hats for the oldies - haven't done knitting for years! Just hope I can remember what to do!
 So, it's back to bear business and my brain is buzzing with thoughts of critters too ummmm!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Millie & Amy.......

 I just had to show you all this beautiful pastel drawing which was done by a friend Cat Gabriel (also a bear maker) who only took up art last year but she is certainly very talented especially when it comes to animals and birds:o)) I just need to find the right frame to set it off and then put it where it can be seen every day - I am so pleased with it!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Warming up.......

Millie and Amy warming up in the sun spot this morning before starting their day - they don't like these cold days - neither do we!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Coming up for air........

It has been awhile or so it seems that I have been here on blogger and done a post - I do drop in just about every day to check out what everyone else is up to:o)) My excuse is that once again I am buried in bears working on orders and as before it's keeping me nice and warm:o))
Not a lot is happening around here at the moment other than trying to stay warm - never really feel like doing much in Winter! 
Soon I will have a portrait to show off of my 2 dogs which is being done by a very talented friend - her work is amazing and I already have one of her drawings of a Rainbow Rossella which is a small parrot - we get lots of these birds in the garden.
Before I start to ramble I'm outta here so here's wishing you all a good weekend:o))

Monday, June 4, 2012

Old Timer EMILE......

I've been busy keeping warm with the bears and Emile is now ready and looking for a new home. Really rugged up today as it is cold and very windy brrrrr!!
More bears are waiting in the wings to be born so I suppose I better take a look - some days I wish I had some little helpers!
Wishing you all a great day whatever you are doing and wherever you are:o))

Monday, May 28, 2012


Just finished another old timer who I've called "Pickles" and he is now looking for a new home:o))

Monday, May 21, 2012

Taking part.......

 "Come on let's go!!"

On Sunday we took part in the RSPCA's Million Paws Walk which was held at our local show grounds and we had to walk around the race track. It was a nice warm sunny morning and lots of dogs had come along to take part - all shapes and sizes young and old. Millie wore herself saying "hi" to all the dogs and the people but Miss Amy was very quiet and not her usual motor mouth LOL! I think she was over come at seeing so many dogs around her so decided to cling to mum (me) and be a total woos! Once we got going on the track then there was no stopping them as we gained on the big guys! Anyway, it was all good fun and once home the girls snoozed the afternoon away:o))

"Pick me up, don't want to do it!!"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Another Old Timer........

It has been awhile since a post but I am still buried in bears but it really is so nice and warm as the cold Winter days are setting in brrrrrr!! It may be sunny and blue skies out there but heck it's chilly!!
I am going to show off my latest creation Hugo even though he has been adopted already. He was an experiment so to speak in how to age the oldies even more and I thought the end results were quite pleasing:o)) I've got another oldie waiting to put in an appearance which hopefully will be in the next few days that is if I don't get side tracked by something else! 
Tomorrow is the RSPCA's "Million Paws Walk" so early tomorrow morning hubby and I and the 2 girls Millie and Amy are off to the local showground to take part in the walk. Millie will wear herself out just saying 'hello' to everyone whether it be the four legged kind or the 2 legged and Miss Amy will wear her mouth out shouting LOL!
Anyway, wishing you all a good weekend......

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Miss Amy.......

Seems awhile since I have posted but I don't suppose it is:o)) I've been a little buried in bears as I have orders to go out - nice and snuggley which is okay as it is now getting quite chilly as Winter starts to take hold brrrrrr!!
I thought I would put up a picture of Miss Amy bossy boots who likes to be in charge of the computer on some days and even has the luxury of her doggie bed on there LOL! We have 2 computer systems set up in the study on 2 desks - hubby put a board across the 2 desks and that is where madame resides on her throne! Millie is okay about this and is happy to sit on her cushion box looking out of the window on lizard watch!

Monday, April 9, 2012

New LEON bear.......

Ho-hummm! The long weekend has been and gone and it was a quiet one due to the fact we didn't have a full house of family this year. That's okay as I enjoyed the quiet and I was able to get new bear Leon finished and read a good book:o)) Yep, putting my hand up and saying that I am a total bookworm:o)) 
Leon shrunk in the wash LOL! No not really I decided to try my hand at small - well what I call small! This little guy is only 26cm tall but he has still managed to look all worn out and much loved and I wanted to try making a bear from viscose hmmmm! Can't make my mind up on that fabric even though it is lovely and soft and quite good to work with and also dyes up nicely too.
Anyway, wishing you all a good week:o))

Friday, March 30, 2012

New guy MARCEL......

Today I have just finished having a photo session with new bear Marcel:o)) Another bear who decided to behave and posed very nicely for me. I was doing the happy dance yesterday as I have another old bear to add to my collection - he is an old Steiff from the 1950's and in pretty good condition as you can see from the photo.
Anyway, wishing you all a very good weekend.......

Friday, March 23, 2012

New guy ANTON......

This new guy is ANTON and he is available now for adoption. I think he is pretty damn cute even if I do say so myself:o))
Wishing you all a good weekend:o))

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Bear ALICE.........

Phewie!! finally a new bear who goes by the name of Alice:o)) I'm not really into dresses but I thought this dress just suited her so well. She also was quite well behaved when it came to posing for the camera making it a pleasure to take the photo's! She now sits in the bear room waiting for that special someone to come along and give her a good home:o))

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coming into land........

Another month has just disappeared and I feel like I haven't been around much - pulling a face of puzzlement! I have been very busy with the bears finishing off 4 which will soon be making their way to the UK AND another oldie who will soon be going up for adoption:o))
So, what was I up to last month besides being buried in bears (that was nice but a bit hot at times LOL!) well, we and the dogs were down in Sydney for just over a week staying with daughter & hubby and was getting our fix of suburbia which we enjoy very much but always nice to come home:o)) It was a week back home and then we were down to Sydney again to hand over the dogs to Samantha while we took off for Wellington, New Zealand for a few days or so. Wellington has the nick name 'Windy Wellie" and I can see why because as we were coming into land we were being tossed all over the place! When we actually landed the plane was going all over the runway and when we eventually came to a stop everyone started clapping!  From relief I should think LOL! Yep, there were gale force winds blowing and that was the worse landing I have ever experienced - the winds kept up for about 2 days and it was a little chilly BUT no rain!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Charming Pierre......

Well charming Pierre has now finished with all his posing in front of the camera and is now looking forward to being someone's Valentine:o)) I really do get so much fun and pleasure out of doing these oldies and always looking forward to taking on the next one!
We started the day with a really bad storm the thunder and lighting was even making me jump! Poor Millie was really stressed out and hiding under my desk - all I could do was keep her calm and reassure her. Amy was just fine with it all and she even wore her pink raincoat to go outside for a pee LOL!

We are going down to Sydney in 2 weeks time to stay with daughter & hubby for about a week get our dose of suburbia and do things that we don't get to do where we live.
Have a good day:o))

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Bear SAMMY.......


My second new bear for 2012 and I reckon he will be just right to be someone's Valentine - well he hopes so anyway as he seems to think he is a pretty handsome guy:o))

Monday, January 9, 2012

The latest in doggie wear fashion........

 I did have a new bear for 2012 called Ollie (thought I would show a picture of him anyway) but I'm afraid he didn't stay around along before setting off on his journey to a much cooler climate - wish I could have joined him because it is so steamy at the moment, yuck! Watch this space because there is another new bear about to put in an appearance - just got to have a posing session then we are ready to face the public:o))
Amy the mini Dachs hates the rain and getting wet and so ping! went the light bulb and I think I have the answer - so here she is wearing the latest in doggie fashion - somehow I don't think she is very amused LOL! I know Millie wasn't because she chased her all over the house trying to rip it off her!