Thursday, September 30, 2010

PIPPA a new bear......

I can't believe another week has whizzed pass - did I miss something?! Well, it is the first day of the new month and this morning when I went outside with the dogs to breath in the fresh air and contemplate a new day I found that we are surrounded by stinky smoke. It seems they have decided to back burn in the forest as today is the start of the bush fire season. We have had no rain for ages and it is becoming very dry and I've noticed that some of our trees and plants are starting to look a little sad and droopy.
I did manage to finished a bear this week, hooray! The mohair pile is a little longer than what I usually work with but I just couldn't resist this lovely blue - it really is a nice eye catching blue and the cream sets it off so nicely.
Anyway, it is a long weekend for us and the clocks change - just hope I remember to change them at the right time. Samantha is arriving this afternoon leaving hubby behind as he wants to spend sometime with his Dad so looking forward to seeing her and having a good girly gossip:o)) 

Monday, September 6, 2010

MUFFIN another lonely care worn......

Hooray! another finished bear and another lonely tired and care worn - never thought I would see myself having so much fun putting these oldies together and I have to admit it is becoming addictive! I like all the detailing and accessorizing that can be done.
This crazy lady now has to go and do torture in the form of power walking (don't do running) and give the neighbours something to laugh at as I do it around my property - I do 9 laps which works out to 2.5km and then it is back to making another bear - that's the best part:o))