Monday, March 30, 2009

Either I fell asleep or I missed something as here we are at the end of another month!
The highlight of the month was a visit to the Doc's as I have been having a bit of a problem with acidic indigestion or reflux (not sure which) something which I started getting last year but not a regular occurrence - really uncomfortable and very painful (bit like a heart attack not that I have had one - read about it somewhere) and nothing I took would get rid of it so I usually sit it out with the end result of throwing up and then it would be gone. So, after being nagged by everyone I took myself for a visit and got much poking and prodding and sent for a breath test the next day. The doc reckons it might be a tummy bug or some kind of Ulcer but hopefully the test will tell more or nothing. Anyway, I now have these tablets to pop daily for 2 months. He then went on to tell me that I was a little over weight and my blood pressure was a little high and then proceeded to tell me all the things I can't eat because of the salt - not amused and told him that he may as well put me down now!

I'm very busy doing my dying duck impression (got the flu) which is a bit of a bugga! Seems like this one has become really attached to me and doesn't want to go away - going the full course this time and I'm now on the coughing, spluttering and tight chest with a thumping headache and rough nights! But never fear Lyn is here and it won't be long before I bounced back fighting fit!
We have been getting some horrendous thunderstorms and we've had two power cuts in a week. Power out from lightening strikes but some smart thinking from himself and we invested in a small generator so we can run the TV, PC and lights in the lounge - envy of the neighbours I reckon.
Poor Millie has been having her stressed out moments because of the storms - Amy is bomb proof but she sticks with Millie just to keep her company. Millie will not even eat when she is like this so the other day she missed her supper and didn't eat until the next day. No bad thing as she could do with loosing a little weight!

On top of all this I managed to finished a bear which I am really pleased with and that is saying something coming from me! I used that lovely soft Alpaca and when she was finished I couldn't even think of a name for her aaarrrgghhhh!! So it was off to have a rummage amongst the books and in my Lhasa Apso dog book I found a list of Tibetan name for boys and girls and that is how she ended up with the name Tashi which I thought suited her very nicely.

Monday, March 2, 2009

This is Candy my latest colourful bear. One to make you smile and brighten your day that's for sure! I think you can see why she ended up with that name as in some ways she does look as if she has been let loose in the Candy store!
She will be on my website and looking for a new home today I hope! I have to get himself to do that job for me because if left to me I could end up in a whole heap of trouble!! I am as happy as a pig in muck (so the saying goes) when I am working with colours.