Monday, January 9, 2012

The latest in doggie wear fashion........

 I did have a new bear for 2012 called Ollie (thought I would show a picture of him anyway) but I'm afraid he didn't stay around along before setting off on his journey to a much cooler climate - wish I could have joined him because it is so steamy at the moment, yuck! Watch this space because there is another new bear about to put in an appearance - just got to have a posing session then we are ready to face the public:o))
Amy the mini Dachs hates the rain and getting wet and so ping! went the light bulb and I think I have the answer - so here she is wearing the latest in doggie fashion - somehow I don't think she is very amused LOL! I know Millie wasn't because she chased her all over the house trying to rip it off her! 



Henrys Welt said...

Ollie ist wieder einmal ein wunderschönes Bärchen.
Henry würde so etwas nicht anziehen LOL
Liebe Grüße
Heike & Henry.

customteddys said...

Ahhh... she is so cute in her little pink raincoat. She doesn't look too thrilled though. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL Amy looks cute. I am relieved Amy was not chasing herself all through the house trying to take this coat off. Kayla would have done just that. She does not mind rain at all though, I am not sure what sort of weather she does not like. She definitely was not amused by the flooding of the river Rhine here; waves of water all over her play area....She was completely flabbergasted :)
Lots of hugs, Ellen
P.S. and cuddles to Millie and Amy :)