Friday, August 10, 2012

Old Timer Didier.......

Earlier this week old timer Didier put in his appearance and was received well with many kind comments which is much appreciated and inspiring:o))
Winter is not being very kind to us at the moment with howling winds and rain and oh so cold too brrrrrr!!
I have myself a new purple/pink bike which I am learning to ride (never could get the hang of riding a bike!) as I wobble my way around the drive way and come very close to going head first into the bushes! My poor bum is suffering big time as it is so sore!! At one point I had to strap a nice big fat soft cushion onto the seat! But now I have a new big soft cushy seat and you can almost hear my bum sighing with relief LOL! Not good enough yet to be let loose on the road - oh well it is all good fun and I'm sure I've given quite a few people a good laugh including hubby and the big kids:o))
Anyway, wishing you all a good weekend........ 

Looking a real nerd because I didn't have my face (touch of make-up) on and those safety helmets are not at all flattering LOL!


Kayzy said...

Hi Lyn
Our winter this year in South Australia has seemed colder, wetter and harder than usual too, but maybe it's because I'm feeling my age! Congratulations on taking up bike riding - you're a better (wo)man than I am, Gungadin! By the way, Didier is a dear little fellow.

Katy Cameron said...

Hope you get spring soon so you can get out on your bike :o)

sharon's shabby creations said...

Congratulations on your bike. Here in Holland you learn bike reading almost by birth!!! LOL!! Your bear looks amazing!! Good luck with your new hobby!!

Have a nice weekend Hugs Sharon