Friday, August 24, 2012

It's a girl..........

It doesn't happen very often as the boys tend to rule the roost BUT the new kid on the block is a very pretty girl called Colette:o)) Not really pretty, pretty as I think she is a bit of a tom boy - well who wouldn't be surrounded all the time with the boys:o))
Geez! Did we have a wind storm the other night - quite scary as it sounded like a steam train going through! Kept holding my breath as I waited for some tree to come crashing down! Had a good look around the next morning and no damage - just lots of leaves and branches and other bits and pieces every where.
Going to be busy again working on a new order for a teddy bear store in Paris, France - ohh la la!! My poor little fingers are going to be working overtime but at least it keeps them out of trouble!
Until the next time wishing you all a good and enjoyable weekend......


Leny said...

Love this sweet bear Lyn!!!

Big Hugs xx

Ellen Borggreve said...

I love Colette, for more reasons than just one ;) I will be telling more about that name shortly on my blog if I ever get the time to escape the studio. I really adore your latest bears Lyn and how exciting to be making bears for a French store! Congrats on that! I heard about those storms in Australia from another Ozzie friend of mine, she said that spring was well on its way and then the storms began. I hope the flowers survived it. Glad that the trees stayed up, we had one crashing down on the house last year.
Have a wonderful Sunday and next week too
Ellen xxx (and Kayla too of course)

Minis by Kledi said...

Lyn! Colette is a beautiful little Girl!!! I love the colour..and I love her face!
Enjoy working for the Teddy Store in France!

Bear hugs from Germany!


Kayzy said...

Colette is a real cutie, and I see she is dressed ready for any fun that comes her way!