Monday, May 21, 2012

Taking part.......

 "Come on let's go!!"

On Sunday we took part in the RSPCA's Million Paws Walk which was held at our local show grounds and we had to walk around the race track. It was a nice warm sunny morning and lots of dogs had come along to take part - all shapes and sizes young and old. Millie wore herself saying "hi" to all the dogs and the people but Miss Amy was very quiet and not her usual motor mouth LOL! I think she was over come at seeing so many dogs around her so decided to cling to mum (me) and be a total woos! Once we got going on the track then there was no stopping them as we gained on the big guys! Anyway, it was all good fun and once home the girls snoozed the afternoon away:o))

"Pick me up, don't want to do it!!"


customteddys said...

Very sweet! Looks like you all had fun.
Hugs, Vicki

Leny said...

Sweet dogs!!!!!

Hugs,Leny X

HeidiBears said...

Aw too funny!!!