Sunday, November 14, 2010

LIZARD WATCH...........

For once I had the camera when I needed it and got some really nice pictures of the girl's on their Lizard watch or anything else that moves! They are on their special box with a cushion on top which is kept by the window in the study so that they can sit on there and watch the world go by. This is really Millie's special place but Amy has taken to either shoving Millie to one side and then getting on there with her or Amy will stand there and shout until Millie gives in and gets off so that madam can have the cushion all to herself! Amy really is a very bossy mini Dachs where as Millie is very laid back and so sweet tempered.


Minis by Kledi said...

What a nice picture!
Dachshunds are very bossy, I know this! I also have such an imperious lady at home ;o)

Bear hugs from Germany


Alba Linea said...

the pic is sooo nice! and your bears are all so supercute! cant wait to see another little beary. best wishes and big bear hugs! di

deb said...

thats funny! I would have thought the terrier would be boss! Mine sure is!