Monday, November 29, 2010


Getting on my soap today as I was a little shocked when I took a bear to be posted to America to find that I had to pay a AUD$9 surcharge because it weighed more than 453grams (1lb).
This is apparently to fund the USA's newly introduced package scanning operation - maybe that should read 'scamming' operation - what an outrage! It is almost like another import tax in disguise.
As if the richest country in the world cannot afford to do this as part of their normal operations as every other country in the world does - without a surcharge. Is this the FREE trade we keep hearing about from America?
Not exactly something that you can ask the collector to pay on top of the already high postage. Not a happy bunny when I have 2 more packages to send to America.


Katy Cameron said...

Well it's a novel idea charging the sender, the UK PO like to gouge not just customs charges (which I don't mind paying) but also a fee for handling it through customs of £8, which we have to pay before we get our packages. They take forever to handle it too!

Jenna said...

Hi Lyn! I have always loved your blog, I'm back to having a blog again and wanted to pop in and say hi! I'm very happy to be following you again! Have a nice day...Jennifer