Saturday, July 31, 2010

ROSA and DAISY.........

I've been so busy in the bear making department that I can't really tell you what else has been going on around here big sighs! I do know the sun is shining it's heart out today which is really nice because we have had lots of those nasty grey clouds and some rain and it is still cold!
I do know that Samantha & Tony (daughter & hubby) are due home from their six weeks honeymoon in Croatia tomorrow so it will be good to catch up with them.

I walked the beach with the dogs the other day to blow away all those fuzzy cobwebs which have been stuffing up my brain - hubby came along too BUT it turned out he was really clever and managed to loose his mobile (iPhone so not a cheap one!) and of course we only found this out after we had got home. Like many other guys he goes like this 'have you seen....' or 'I can't find....' or 'I don't know where I've put it' aaarrrggghhhh! It's like having the kids home all over again - don't you just love them!

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Wendy Walker {M. E. Bears Since 1994} said...

I too find a walk with the doggies gets the head clearer. Then I can go home and do some BEAR work.
I would be pleased if you would join my blog too.
Wendy XXX