Saturday, March 29, 2014

Albert Bear......


I thought I would show off Albert bear although he has already been adopted and waiting to go to his new home in France:o)
I did a little happy dance this week as there is an artist profile of me and my bears in the latest issue of Teddy Bear Times magazine:o) I haven't got my printed copy yet but I wish it would hurry up!!
We had a very wild storm the other day and I reckon a mini Tornado passed through - stuff flying every where - garden furniture moving across the yard the trees were bending so much I was just waiting to see a few of them snap! At one point the kitchen window sort of made a booming noise as it got hit by the wind - I ducked down as I thought it was going to cave it!!
But luckily no serious damage and just a few small trees down - not seen anything like it before though I've sat through a bad Hurricane when living in America and that was really scary!
Quite a few areas lost power - ours dipped a few times but we didn't loose it - we have a generator for back up so wasn't too worried if we did loose it. 
Had to do a lot of clearing up outside and after the storm had passed I saw a double rainbow and the colours were so strong - very pretty! No pots of gold at the end of them though!!


Willow said...

Albert is a beautiful boy ~ happy he has a home , and in France how lovely !
Glad you are safe after the wooshy winds ~ a few came this way too it seems .
Rainbows are grand aren't they .
I am sure next time you'll find that pot-o-gold ;}

Cottagebaeren said...

such a lovely bear with a very special hat and cloth..... looks so french... glad for his home
have a great weekend