Monday, December 16, 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all.......

Well the silly season has arrived yet again and everything goes crazy! Hopefully I'll get to do the tree and decorations this coming weekend. Going to be on our own this year as Simon&Teresa are in America and won't be home until late January and Samantha&Tony are spending time away too. No worries we will still enjoy ourselves and the dogs will too even if that means having to tolerate me dressing them up for photo shots!! 
Sending lots of wishes to you all for a good and enjoyable Christmas - have a good one!! 

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Willow said...

Wonderful card !
Who wouldn't love a sleigh full of teddy bears ~ extra special if they were all made by you :))

We dress up the dogs too ... ,the cat, the horses , the lizard and as you can see today ~ even the chickens !