Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New bear MARKUS.......

All is more or less back to normal weather wise - no more floods and no more heat waves. It is busy, busy in the bear room but Markus has managed to get himself all ready for adoption and looking very smart he is too!
I have 3 rabbits bouncing around the garden most mornings and they tend to give Millie and Amy a good work out - the girls haven't got a hope in hell of catching them:o)) I do think that the rabbits are escapees as 2 are brown and 1 is black and they come right up to the house. 

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Jenna said...

Hi Lyn! :o) Marcus is a cutie with his wonderful circus hat and collar. You have done a wonderful job on him. I'm so glad to hear you have no more heat waves or flooding... that can get down right miserable to live with. Love bunnies! we get them in the spring too and I look forward to seeing the new babies every year...Have a wonderful week my dear friend! hugs and Love Jennifer