Saturday, December 11, 2010

HETTIE the birthday bear.......

I just had to show Hettie off as I was so pleased with the way she turned out when finished - I made her as a pressie for my friends birthday - just hope she doesn't take a look at my blog between now and Thursday!
There was a bit of excitement around here this week  and it all started with Millie & Amy and their special barks which means 'we've found something' though most unusual for Millie she was doing it through the lounge glass door (we have glass sliding doors out onto a paved area). Dave went to investigate with the dogs in tow and they seemed to home in (I was watching from the kitchen window) on the barbie which is parked against the house wall just pass the glass doors - even the parrots were sending up an alarm call - so being very brave Dave lifted the barbie cover with a long pole and then shouted SNAKE! For once the girls were very obedient and I got them to come inside straight away. He managed to get it out from under the barbie and then sort of pushed it along away from the house. It was about a meter in length and what is known as a Red Belly snake - shiny black with a red strip down it's sides and deadly poisonous but not aggressive and deadly like the Brown snake that we also get around here - in fact the Red Bellies kill the Browns.
It is the first time that I have seen a wild live snake (seen dead ones on the roads) - snakes don't scare me at all but I'm very wary of them which is understandable when most of them out here are deadly and being so close to the house left us feeling a little uneasy - our main concern is for the girls and that is why we always check when they use their special barks and I think Millie must have sensed that this snake was dangerous.


Brady Bears Studio said...

Love your bear Lyn. What a lucky friend! Who wouldn't love a bear like that for their birthday?! :)

Jacqui said...

Hettie is such a sweetie, your friend will be delighted with her. Gosh don't like the idea of being so close to a snake.

Wishing you a really lovely Christmas and a super 2011.

Big Hugs
Jacqui xx