Saturday, June 26, 2010

A New Bear is Born.........

Meet Carmen a bear which I started before I went away and now I have finished her. Can't believe I have been back home a week already! Carmen's face is a little different to what I usually do and I wasn't quite sure if she looked right or not but after a few days of looking at her I think she is pretty cute and the colours have gone well together too. I really must get some more pieces of mohair dyed as I have nothing left but that doesn't stop me from sewing as at the moment I am having fun working with 'normal' colours:o)) Anyway, you can find Carmen up for adoption on my website if you would like to give her a good home:o))

1 comment:

Wendy Walker {M. E. Bears Since 1994} said...

You have such cute doggies.....oh and I love your bears too! Keep on Bearing Lyn!