Monday, May 31, 2010

Winter is upon us now brrrrrrr!......

Well it's here and so chilly! Out with the Winter woolies and on with the Winter doona aarrrhhh! So nice and cosy - now if I was a bear I would be seriously thinking about going into hibernation! Thank goodness the sun keeps on shining most days as I do need to keep nipping outside to have a warm up - bit like a lizard or snake:o))
Amy (mini Dachs) is a fair weather girl so she usually joins me outside for a quick warm up and of course she doesn't sleep on top of her blankets now but disappears underneath them all LOL! Millie (Norwich Terrier) is the tough girl and only sometimes is in need of a warm up but then she is sporting a much thicker and longer coat.  Come the late afternoon poor Amy can't take it anymore so we have to have one of our many smart doggie coats on made by me! The dog coat is laid on the floor Amy rolls into it and its fixed into place and up we get and off we go with a spring in our paws:o)) Picture of Amy modeling her 'Smartie' coat (looks like a tube of Smarties) and Millie is not amused!

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Heather said...

LOL, that's so great that Amy rolls onto the coat for you to put it on! What a smart girl!!!

Yeah, Millie looks toasty, I can't blame her for thinking coats are lame... she's never had to worry about them!!!

I've seen many a shivering Dachs here in Michigan in the winter... so a coat is brilliant... and who wouldn't wnat a smartie coat, it's delicious!!!