Sunday, June 28, 2009

Raggy Aggy

A long time in coming but I have just finished my second raggy who is about 51cm tall so quite a bit bigger than my first attempt who was all of 38cm tall. Did I get through it without having a scream and a swear? I was doing really well until near the end when I got really frustrated with something - can't remember what it was now, hmmmm! Boy did I let rip and everyone took cover including the dogs LOL! Anyway, I decided now was a good time to put it away and take another look the next day when I would be all cool and calm - yep, it worked and I got the thing sorted no worries!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn! oh is she ever cute! I love her hair and that sweet nose..she was worth the scream and swear!!! LOL! hugs, Jennifer

Ellen said...

Wow Lyn!!!! Well done!!! Ahaaaaaa, you caught the dolly fever...I knew this would happen...LOL
I have just given you a special award, please check out my blog for details :o) Hugs, Ellen (the Dutch one)