Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter egg watch......

 Guarding hubby's Easter egg!!

Well it's the long weekend and time for all those very yummy eggs!! Sadly I can only look and smell but I know hubby will make up for what I can't have!!
Millie and Amy will be having their own special doggie biscuit bones as it is also Millie's birthday tomorrow and she will be 10 years old! Still mouthy, bouncy and full of mischief:o))


Willow said...

Aww Sorry you couldn't have any of the chocolate fun . Hope your holiday was lovely. Haven't been blogging since my blog was compromised :( pulled it private to straighten things out but have just been avoiding it all together} . Do miss being here . Will def pop in to see your lovely bears from tie to time. Hugs Willow

Lyn said...

Good to hear from you and I had been wondering what had happened to you:)) Sorry to hear you have been having so much hassle, not nice!
I sure do miss you and your blog as I enjoyed getting to know you and all your animals and the lovely pics!
Take care and hope we get to speak again soon......Lyn x