Sunday, September 14, 2014



A new bear on the block who goes by the name of 'Milton' and he is waiting patiently in the bears departure lounge for someone to come along and adopted him:o))
It has been quite busy at bear central recently with many bears making their way to Scotland and England - so it has been sometime for Milton to make it to this stage in his life!
Anyway, it is the start of another week and Spring is in the air and there are a lot of happy parrots and birds around. Two baby birds have flown the nest which was in a tree by the house so was able to watch all the comings and goings. They haven't gone far just to another tree near the house where they sit and scream 'feed me'!! most of the day:o))
Have a good week everyone!!


Willow said...

I am definitely adoring Milton and his poodle vest and puppy pin ! What a cutie patootie Milton is . I am sure he will be on his way to his forever home in no time flat.

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Milton is so sweet and I love his hat and little jacket too :-)
Susan x