Friday, May 30, 2014


 New bear on the block is GILBERT who is now ready to leave the departure lounge of Bear Central:o)
Today is the first day of Winter brrrrrr!! I have already dragged a few Winter clothes out of retirement and my feet have had a screaming protest at having to wear shoes again - usually live in sandals or thongs.
Had a great walk on the beach with the dogs this week - just us (hubby) the dogs and a deserted beach - found some nice coloured pebbles and a piece of beach glass.
Wishing you all a very good weekend..........

 In my garden......this flower is growing out of the tree which is called a 'FireWheel Tree' a type of Protea. Also a Queensland rainforest tree and very ancient and the seeds generally only germinate if exposed to smoke.


Willow said...

Glad Gilbert is going to his new home ~ adorable he is and love the name.
What a beautiful serene beach ~ how romantic to have it all to yourself.
The Firewheel tree is simply amazing ~ I thank you so much for sharing it , as I have never seen one before.

Cathyraggedy said...

Gilbert is so nice bear , you are lucky because you have the beautiful beach and the very nice garden.thank you so much for your comment have a good weekend too . big hugs