Monday, January 14, 2013

The boss.........

Miss Amy taking a nana nap zzzzz! In other words asleep on the job!

Well another silly season has been and gone and all is more or less back to normal - though I'm not quite sure what that is at the moment! It's back to bear business with new thoughts and idea's and the first bear for the New Year making an appearance very soon, I hope!!
Already we are half way through this month
We have been suffering with heat waves and lots of bush fires around the country - we have been ok so far and the nearest bush fire was about 20km away - the other day they record a temp of 42.9 degrees for Taree the highest on record! You just didn't go outside unless you wanted to be sizzled! Most of the other days the temps were ranging from the high 20's to the high 30's phew!!

I got Millie to model a tea cosy that I made for my daughter!

 Pink (not as bright as in the pic) Dachs bookends which I got as a Chrissie pressie:o))

 We love posing........


Leny said...

Hope your weather cools down!! Saw all those fires on TV..Awfull!!Hope you have airco in the house!!

Love your sweet doggies!!

Have a great weekend! (cool!!)

Jenna said...

Hi Sweets! Your pups are adorable! It's been so cold here all my dogs are taking really long naps together to stay! I wish I could send you some cold air to cool you off, I much rather have winter than summer but not when it feels like zero outside...burrrrrr. Not too much going on here, I did start cleaning the basement, what a chore and a! I hope your doing well, have a wonderful weekend and try to stay cool...hugs and love, Jennifer