Thursday, March 18, 2010

BUNNIES galore......



I have been busy having bunny moments and came up with 'Flopsy' (pale lilac) and 'Mopsy' who is a little more colourful. Both have been made from hand dyed (by me) from that lovely soft touchy feely Alpaca. These two girlie bunnies are looking for good homes:o))
I am doing more bears which are all at different stages of being made - there is of course a colourful one in Spring like colours (Spring for some of you out there but Autumn for me) and 2 sporting the Panda look design. Oh we must not forget a very shy little mouse who has stepped out of the comfort zone with me! So far I have really enjoyed making these different critters and a break from making the bears BUT the bears will always be number one!

FLOPSY had now found a good home

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