Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well I wish everyone out there a good and happy New Year! Not sure what happened to 2008 as it just seemed to whizz past at an alarming speed! I was all ready to watch the fireworks at Sydney harbour on the TV and as usual I missed it because I had fallen asleep, duh!!
I had to watch it on the morning TV news but I do have to shake my head in wonder at the amount of money which was spent on the fireworks display, unbelieveable! Yeah I know what a party pooper I am but does it have to be so much money?!
So, what does 2009 hold? Well, I won't know until it happens but I do know there will be lots of bear making happiness going on and my daughter Samantha may be getting married sometime in June but not sure yet.

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Bumpkin Hill said...

Hi Lyn, love your new blog image :) That tree clock is the cutest, may have to use that in my blog too :) I loved the photo of your dogs in front of the christmas tree. I just went for a snowy walk to the post office to post your print so it will be with you soon :) Beary Hugs, Catherine xx