Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brimbin Forest

Not many sleeps left now until the Big Day but I thought I would take some time while I still have the chance to tell you about my bears name.

Brimbin Forest is a real place and is a huge nature reserve and part of it is actually at the end of my road where I live. Brimbin is an Aboriginal name but I haven't found out what it means yet. All I know is that places like Brimbin Forest were used by the Biripi people to collect bush tucker and for cultural events. A lot of native animals live in the reserve but you don't get to see too many as most of them are nocturnal and it is also supposed to be a great habitat for Koalas but I haven't seen one yet.

I've been told that if you see a pile of poo at the bottom of a certain gum tree then to look up and you might see a Koala. I see a variety of different birds in the area and one particularly spectacular bird that I do see very often is the Yellow Cheeked Black Cockatoo.

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Bumpkin Hill said...

how amazing, what a wonderful place to live next too, I loved Australia when I went back packing after university. I hope you get to see a koala soon :) Beary hugs, Catherine